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We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Boditrak system to our already advanced golf learning center system. This unit simply is an amazing tool for helping the senior golfer understand and manage their balance and weight transfer throughout their golf swing. Synced up with video footage of their actual swing, there simply is no comparison to what we do versus standing on the range trying to understand what the instructor is telling you.   If you are a visual learner, you need this.  We are definitely your best option in the area for an accurate club fitting experience. Don’t take our word for it, ask the guy in your foresome that has recently been kicking your arse. Chances are pretty good that he has been in to see us. What are you waiting for? Shop Local, it’s the right thing to do, we never add additional fees for a proper fit and always deliver on a promise of good advice and competitive pricing. Be well everyone.

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Custom Club Fitting

Certified Club Fitters with full and complete fitting carts for both PING and TAYLORMADE, and CALLAWAY Golf Equipment Companies.  Getting the proper fit matters. We guarantee it!


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Fore Some Sports instructors are ready to improve your game. We have helped all levels of golfers realize the full potential of their game. Our students range in age from 9 to 90. Great Packages are available.

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Golf Club Repair

Sometimes changing your swing isn’t in the cards or your just not ready to buy a new club. We understand and are ready to help. Our on-site grip repair services can get you back to the course in no time. Same day service is available !!!


The Best Golf Pro Shop In the Area

What Makes Us Great?

The fact that we are your local golf discount pro shop isn’t ever lost on us. We are local guys that love the game of golf and have grown to love our customers. Let’s face it, today you have choices….the internet….the big box guys…your local club.  We may not remember everybody’s name that comes in, but we will do our best to remember you and your swing. The things that make you great and the parts that hold you back.  You can count on us when it comes to putting the right club in your hand. We aren’t trying to meet this week’s quota or grab that spiff on selling stiff shafted drivers this week. We do care about the person swinging the club and the way the clubs perform for them. After all, that’s going to be our best advertisement. We don’t sell clubs to people that just don’t fit them, regardless of what their ego’s tell them.  Our track record speaks for itself. Give us a chance, and you will be surprised at what your local pro shop can do for you and your game. Getting fit matters. We guarantee it.

The shop is an interactive environment designed to promote the game of golf. We try to provide a clean, relaxing environment for our customers to explore all of their available options.
We want people to understand that getting the proper fit is not a scary or costly scenario, in fact it is costlier to make purchasing mistakes. Before you run into that big box store looking for a deal, think about how long you kept your last set of clubs, isn’t it time that you had the right tools for the job.
Club manufacturers are not forced to produce a STANDARD set with similar specifications. So one companies idea of standard, may not be the same as their competitors.  We Promise to take the time to explain and demystify the process of club fitting. So far this year, the percentage of our customers that have successfully fit into standard length, lie, shaft materials and flex has been roughly ten percent on iron purchases. Just like Arnie says…swing YOUR swing, when you do……..are you standard? GET FIT, IT MATTERS.
Last we checked we haven’t turned out any PGA tour pros..at least not yet. We aren’t going to tear down the swing that you have developed over the years and we understand that NONE of us are getting any younger.  Our goal is to arm you with the tools you need to gain a repeatable swing that gives you some idea of where the ball is going to go. When it doesn’t, you need to know why, so that you can correct it on the next swing. Simple swing thoughts produce better golfers. Enjoy the game again.


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Remember to Get Fit, It really Matters, We Guarantee It !

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Learning to play golf on our state of the art HD simulator is Private and personal but most importantly its FUN.

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